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JAYA in association with Jamaica's Olympic Karate Team hosted a virtual fundraiser where a Karate master class was used to raise money in aid of teenage mothers. Funding for the Women's Centre of Jamaica Foundation was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Defend the Future Fundraiser

Defend the Future Fundraiser

Watch this JAYA backed special edition of "Island Forward" with host David Mullings, Chairman and CEO of Blue Mahoe Capital Partners, Inc.

Discussions around race have been front and centre the last few months. We are in the middle of two pandemics: COVID-19 and racism. It is disheartening to see many African Americans dying at the hands of racism. As a Caribbean people, our response to this moment in history is crucial– it is time that we ourselves reflect on the stereotypes associated with being black Jamaicans in the diaspora if we are to begin to unpack the experiences black people in the USA face.

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Can you help stop human trafficking?

JAYA collaborated with the Smart Caribbean Gathering, founded by Dr. Claire Nelson, PhD., Forbes top 50 leading female futurists in the world and White House Champion of Change to host a forum to come up with unique solutions to human trafficking via coding.

JAYA partnered with the American Friends of Jamaica to host a Virtual Benefit Concert in Europe to raise money for COVID-19 relief in Jamaica. Funds were in aid of  PPE for healthcare workers, food provision and remote learning efforts.

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JAYA teamed up with the Association of Jamaican Nationals in France (JAMIN France), Jamaicans Inspired UK (JamIn UK), Xaymaca Belgium, JAMFETE, Jamaica Association in Switzerland (JAS) and the Embassy of Jamaica in Brussels to fundraise for food, accommodations and repatriation flights of Jamaicans stranded in Europe due to COVID-19. Thirteen successful applicants were awarded our compassionate grants. The repatriation flight landed in Kingston, Jamaica on Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 8:46 pm GMT-5.

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JAYA participated in Diaspora Week discussions being held by the Jamaica Diaspora Northeast, USA. Young people discussed what they wanted to see happen in leadership, technology and innovation, sustainable development and equal rights and justice movements as well as actionable steps for accomplishing those objectives.

Over 7,200 persons tuned in. Watch the discussion below.

JAYA hosted its virtual forum called "Young People Talk COVID-19". The forum focused on two broad areas: 1) foreign affairs and education and 2) impact on business, investment, the economy and community leader response. We touched on the impact on: education for Jamaicans studying in the USA , businesses owned by Jamaicans in the USA and Jamaica, seasonal employment in the USA as well as stimulus packages being offered by the American and Jamaican governments for private citizens and businesses. Over 14,000 persons tuned in to the forum making it an overwhelming success. The forum was lauded in the Jamaica Gleaner, US based diaspora media outlets such as  "Caribbean Life News", "New York Carib News" and "", Government News Agency the Jamaica Information Service and the Jamaican Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries' website.

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